About Us

In 2005, we were successful in winning the Newbury Parliamentary constituency for the Conservatives, in one of the largest swings seen anywhere in the country. Richard Benyon's victory with a majority of 3,460 votes, ended 12 years of the Newbury Constituency being held by the Liberal Democrats. Building on that brilliant victory, we secured strong gains on West Berkshire Council. The Conservatives had a majority of 26 on the 52 member West Berkshire Council.

Richard was re-elected in May 2010, with an increased majority of 12,248. The Conservatives increased their majority on the West Berkshire Council in 2011, increasing the total number of Conservative Councillors to 39 out of 52 . 

Richard was re-elected as Member of Parliament for Newbury on 7 May, 2015 with an increased majority of 26,368, winning 61% of the vote share. The Conservatives also increased the number of Conservative Councillors on the West Berkshire Council to 48 out of 52. On Newbury Town Council, the Conservatives made gains increasing from 11 in 2010 to 18 in 2015 out of 23 Councillors .  Substantial gains were made on Thatcham Town Council, with Conservative Councillors increasing from 5 in 2010 to 15 out of 18 Councillors.

In June 2017, Richard Benyon was once again returned to the House of Commons, as Member of Parliament for Newbury, with 61.5% share of the vote. The Conservatives also held onto West Berkshire District Council and Thatcham Town Council seats in a by-election following the tragic death of Roger Croft.

We take nothing for granted and work hard at every level to make life better for all in West Berkshire. You can contact us on 01635 40786 or by emailing office@wbca.org.uk

Take a look at www.richardbenyon.com for all the up-to-date candidates news!

You can also access the main Party Website via this link www.conservatives.com. There you can find out about party policy and what we are proposing to do for Britain.

Here in West Berkshire, local Conservatives are committed to improving government services and cutting red tape.  Through the pages of this site, you can get involved and help us to secure a better future.
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How much you get involved is up to you.