Conservative Policy Forum Supper Club

Would you be interested in becoming part of a group within the West Berkshire Conservative Association which will help to formulate the Conservative policy agenda during this administration and for the 2020 Conservative Manifesto?

Historically, the Conservative Policy Forum (CPF) was the conduit used by the Conservative Ministers to debate elements of the new policy with the grassroots of local Associations.  It has been led by Oliver Letwin since 2012 and was an invaluable source of feedback in the build up to the 2015 election and in the preparation of that election’s manifesto.

The new National Director, Hannah David, and the CPF Manager, John Hayward are determined that Members are able to influence the direction of the Conservative Party and it’s policies.  This is where you play a huge part.

Each debate will be given sufficient notice so that as many of you as possible can attend and make your views known.  Your views will then be feedback to the CPF and a Ministerial reply will be prepared and sent back to the CPF Groups, usually with a month. We plan on having these discussions in local pubs, over supper and as such we will be known as the CPF Supper Club. Background papers will be sent out to those wishing to attend beforehand.

In the West Berkshire Conservative Association these meetings will be chaired by Maili Felton.  Maili will contact you with the time and location for all future meetings.

If you would like to register your name to be added to the list of Members wishing to be kept informed of future CPF events, you can:

- Click on the attachment below, print out the form and return it to WBCA, Park Street Offices, Northbrook Court, Park Street, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 1EA.  We will be communicating with you via email, so please make sure that you include your email address on the form. 

- Register your interest via the CPF website, at www.conservativepolicyforum.com/join.  

This is an exciting time for our Party and our country, with so many possible changes ahead.  Make sure your voice is heard.


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