Electoral Roll Registration

Electoral Registration
The Electoral Register is a list compiled by the Council of persons who have registered to vote in elections in West Berkshire. It is compulsory to register, it is not however compulsory to vote. In addition the register is used by financial organisations for credit reference checks; if you are not on the Register it may affect your ability to obtain credit.

The Electoral Registration Officer has a statutory duty to compile the Register and keep it up to date by carrying out an annual canvass of households each autumn. In addition the Register is updated on a monthly basis and persons wishing to be added to the register should download a form from 'download' section on the right of this page. In order to be eligible to vote applications must be received by no later than the eleventh working day before any election.
By law the Council has to make the Register available for anyone to look at. The Register is therefore available for inspection at the Council Offices, Market Street, Newbury.

Until 2002 any company or organisation could buy a copy of the Register but the law has now changed so you can choose whether or not you wish to have your name sold on to someone else. Under the changes there are now two versions of the Register: the full version and the edited version. The full version can only be used for specified purposes i.e. elections, law enforcement and credit reference purposes. The edited version is available for sale to anyone, persons wishing to purchase a copy should contact the Electoral Services Section to obtain details of costs.


You must be:-
(a) 18 or over (or will reach the age of 18 by 1st December)

(b) A British or Commonwealth Citizen: or

(c) A citizen of the Irish Republic or another European Union Member state.

Citizens of EU member states other than Britain or Ireland are only eligible to vote in local government and European Parliament Elections.

Every Autumn a form will be delivered to every household in the district. When you receive this form you should amend any details that are incorrect and return it in accordance with the instructions on the form. If there are no changes to any of the details you can confirm the details by phone or on the internet. Details of how to do this together with the relevant passwords are given on the form.  Regulations prescribe that if a form or a response is not made by phone or internet then names should be removed from the register.

This is not the only time you can register. At any time between December and August you may apply to be added to the Register by downloading and completing the form in the download section of this page.
You should note, however, that in an election you will only be able to vote if your name has been added to the Register by the eleventh day before the day of the election.

How does the Electoral Register relate to Council Tax?

It doesn't. The Council Tax Register is quite separate, so paying Council Tax does not mean that you will automatically be on the Electoral Register. The Council Tax Register will only list the person responsible for paying the Council Tax, it will not list all people over the age of 18, and in addition the person paying the Council Tax is not always resident in the property concerned.

What if I have been missed off the Register

You should complete the form - see link below and send it to the following address.
The Electoral Registration Officer
West Berkshire Council
Market Street
RG14 5LD

How long does it take to get onto the Register?

The Register is updated on the first working day of  December, January, February, March, April, May, June, July and August, it will however take between two and six weeks for your name to get on the Register as applications must be received 14 days before the first working day of these months. If you miss the cut off date to be added to the register on 1st September, it is then not possible to add any names to the register until the new register is published on 1st December.
Go to:
for more information and to download an application form.