Conservative Party Conference 2019: Achievements

  1. Building our economy after Labour’s recession; it is growing, and the unemployment rate is down to its lowest level since the 1970s as more people move into work. The economy has grown by 19 per cent since 2010. By backing business and reforming welfare, the number of people in work has increased by over 3.7 million since 2010. *1
  2. We’ve cut taxes for 32 million working people so they keep more of what they earn. To help people with the cost of living we have cut income tax, introduced and increased the National Living Wage, extended free childcare, and frozen fuel duty for nine years.*2
  3. Delivering the biggest cash boost ever for the NHS with more invested in frontline services. We are delivering £33.9 billion more for the NHS by 2023-24, as well as upgrading 20 hospitals around the country – providing new intensive care wards, children’s units, and new mental health facilities.*3
  4. Cracking down on crime with 20,000 more police officers and ensuring criminals receive the punishment they deserve. We are recruiting 20,000 new police officers and making sure that the most serious violent and sexual offenders are properly punished.*4
  5. Our school reforms mean more children are getting a good education, wherever they live. We are increasing school funding by £14 billion; our phonics reforms have improved children’s literacy, meaning we have risen up the international league tables; we are opening free schools, overwhelmingly rated as good or outstanding, in the areas that need them most; and reducing the attainment gap.*5
  6. Ending the UK’s contribution to global warming by legislating to go Net Zero by 2050. We upgraded the existing target of an 80 per cent reduction in emissions in the Climate Change Act to achieve 100 per cent, or Net Zero emissions, by 2050.*6
  7. Boosting regions around the country and ensuring local areas have a greater sense of ownership and influence over the decisions that impact them. We passed the 2011 Localism Act; established the first ever devolution deal in 2014 which has resulted in nine regional mayors; established local Police and Crime Commissioners; created a Northern Powerhouse Strategy and a Midlands Engine Strategy.*7
  8. Embarking on the biggest rail modernisation programme since Victorian times to deliver better, quicker journeys for passengers. We will spend £48 billion delivering major projects such as Northern Powerhouse Rail, rolling out new trains and upgrading and electrifying hundreds of miles of track.*8
  9. Cutting stamp duty for 95 per cent of first-time buyers – saving people up to £5,000 on the purchase of their home. Over 340,000 families have benefited from out First-Time Buyers’ Relief since it was introduced in 2017, saving over £804 million. *9
  10. We are a truly global Britain providing leadership around the world. We are committed to spending both 0.7 per cent of GNI on International Development and 2 per cent of GDP on defence expenditure, have launched an Export Strategy to boost British businesses around the globe and agreed 13 continuity trade deals covering 38 countries. *10

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