Conservative Party Conference 2019: Improving England’s roads

Summary: We are announcing the next round of investment into England’s strategic and major roads.

  • Decent, well-maintained roads are crucial for bringing people and businesses closer together and supporting economic growth across the whole country.
  • We are committed to making life easier for motorists, which is why we have set out long-term plans to invest in our roads, including motorways and the crucial roads that connect them to our cities and towns.
  • By better connecting our towns, cities and villages we will ensure that no part of this country is left behind, and that no business is held back, levelling up opportunities across the country.


  • Good roads are vital for boosting growth and productivity around the whole country. Road freigh tcontributes £13 billion to our economy and it is crucial that our major roads are fit for purpose. Congestion could cost the freight industry £37 billion by 2040.

Our solution

  • Investing a further £25 billion into England’s Strategic Road Network – the motorways and major A roads that families and businesses rely on to travel across the country. We will deliver our second Roads Investment Strategy, which will set out how we will maintain and renew England’s motorways and principal A roads between 2020-25, backed up by £25 billion of funding.
  • Investing in our Major Roads Network – the country’s busiest and most economically important local authority A roads – to improve millions of journeys. In late 2017 we consulted on a Major Roads Network programme, proposing that thousands of miles of A-road are brought into scope for new funding from the National Roads Fund for upgrades and improvements. We are now announcing 14 new schemes, in addition to the five we announced last year, that will progress into development.

Government record

  • We are investing £29 billion to improve England’s roads – the biggest ever single cash injection. We will allocate £28.8 billion to the National Roads Fund from 2020-25, improving journeys for businesses and families.


Q: Isn’t road building bad for the environment?
Road projects are designed to alleviate traffic and congestion. By taking traffic out of town centres and by speeding up journeys, these projects will improve air quality in these areas. We will also ensure that all projects have as minimal an environmental impact as possible.