Conservatives slam undemocratic Liberal U-turn

Conservatives at West Berkshire Council last night slammed Liberals for opposing a report that will allow residents to have their say as to where new housing might be allocated, resulting from the coalition government’s planning policy requirements.

Councillor Hilary Cole, Executive Member for Planning, explained: “Both parties were involved in the joint production of the report which sets out a number of options across West Berkshire where sites might be allocated.  That work has taken a number of months.”

“I was frankly astonished that they should then vote to deny residents their democratic rights, particularly when they know that this is a key requirement of the planning process.  This is a clear U-turn from their previous position.”

“West Berkshire Conservatives are urging residents to make their views known.  Copies of the consultation which starts on 25th July and closes on 12th September 2014 will be available at Council offices, libraries and on the Council’s web-site.  Council Officers will also be writing to a number of interested parties.  The intention is to make the consultation as comprehensive as possible and every view will be carefully taken into account before any decisions are taken.”