Council Tax waived for flooded homes

West Berkshire flooding update Fri 14 February

West Berkshire Council announced last night that households in the district who have had to vacate their flooded homes will be awarded council tax relief beyond the usual 28 days. The council’s financial reserves will be allocated to allow for this.

Warning on rivers and watercourses

Rivers and streams across West Berkshire are swollen, fast-flowing and dangerous at present. Everyone is urged to stay well away from their banks. The message is particularly relevant given the school half-term break begins today.  The canal also poses a threat. The tow path is closed in a number of places and people MUST obey those closures and not use the tow path.

The current situation

The number of homes across the district affected by flooding remains at around 80.  The villages experiencing flooding are Eastbury, Great Shefford, Compton, Burghfield and Purley. There is also flooding in Shaw, Newbury.

West Berkshire Council, the emergency services, and the military continue to work together across the district to help the flood effort.

The met office warn of heavy rain today, light showers on Saturday, sunny on Sunday, and light rain again on Monday.

Vulnerable people

In anyone knows of any vulnerable person affected by the floods and who cannot help themselves, they are asked to provide any help and reassurance they can, and notify West Berkshire Council by emailing or phoning 01635 519125.

Royal Mail

Royal Mail has said that for homes where mail cannot be delivered, customers can collect their mail from their local delivery office (remembering to provide identification.) There will be no charge. A three month redirection can also be provided free of charge, for telephone applications only.  Call 08457 777888 for details.

Guidance, contact, and reporting

Guidance, contact details and further information about

Reporting flooding issues
Protecting property
Flood alerts for rivers
Road and path closures
School closures
Travel and transport
Refuse collections
Health warnings and advice

 can be seen here