Environment: Protecting our environment for future generations

  • One of the great opportunities of leaving the EU is that we can take control of our environment and deliver on our commitment to leave it in a better state than we found it.


  • Our 25 Year Environment Plan sets out plans to tackle the scourge of plastic, deliver cleaner air and water and use the opportunity Brexit provides to develop our own agricultural and fisheries policies.


  • We will deliver a Green Brexit, not only protecting, but enhancing environmental standards as we leave the EU.


Getting our country back on the road to a brighter future by:


  • Announced a new package of measures to protect animals in homes, farms and in the wild. We will consult on steps to ban the keeping of pet primates; bring in the compulsory microchipping of cats; consult on improving animal welfare in the transport of live animals and specifically on banning long journeys to slaughter; and we will consult on a ban on the import into and export of trophies from the hunting of endangered animals.


  • Protecting and enhancing our natural environment for future generations. Creating a new forest region in Northumberland and appointed a Tree Champion. Our 25 Year Environment Plan will ensure improved water quality, plant 11 million trees and provide 500,000 hectares of wildlife habitat.



  • Using Brexit as an opportunity to go further than European countries to protect our environment. We will deliver a Brexit that works for our fishermen and farmers. We will also enhance environmental standards after Brexit.


  • Improving air quality to improve public health and save lives. We have cut harmful emissions of nitrogen oxides and our Clean Air Strategy will help prevent air pollution from shortening lives.


Q: Will you comply with UK food standards after Brexit?

We have been clear that any future deal with the US must work for UK consumers, farmers and companies. We will not compromise on our high food or animal welfare standards in pursuit of any trade deals. The Prime Minister made it clear to US Vice President Mike Pence that we would not accept chlorinated chicken in the UK. The existing food safety provisions on issues such as chlorinated chicken will come across through the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 when we leave the EU.