More misleading Liberal Democrat Statements

The Conservative leadership at West Berkshire Council are again warning people not to accept statements put out by Liberal Democrat politicians at face value.

Their latest attempt to mislead the public was again made by Cllr. Woodhams who brandishing a copy of a 2011-12 Audit Commission highways report at last week’s Executive meeting failed to make it clear it that the data in the report covered just 9% of the Council’s road network.

The Leader of the Conservative Group at West Berkshire Council, Cllr. Gordon Lundie commented:

“Had Cllr. Woodhams carried out due diligence, he would have asked the Highways Department for the latest set of figures and he would then have discovered that the overall condition of the principal road network is in fact improving.  I would urge him to make the effort to communicate with the Highways Department or the Executive Member for Highways before making statements in public that are designed to mislead.”

“This follows hard on the heels of incorrectly stating the true cost of work relieving traffic congestion at Thatcham railway crossing anda Liberal Democrat statement that the government’s Pupil Premium for John O' Gaunt school delivered significantly more money than was actually the case.”

"The public should be able to have confidence in the facts and figures that they are being given.  It has regrettabley become the norm that we need to double check every single statement put in the public domain by the Liberal Democrats."

Cllr. Gordon Lundie

 (07703) 201 241