Not in My Name: Local Community in West Berkshire Comes Together to announce a Unity Walk

Newbury, Berkshire – Newbury Mosque and Muslim Youth Group (MYG) announced today that as part of Community Cohesion Initiative we are bringing Local Community together on Wednesday 5/4/2017 at 2.40 pm near town hall in Newbury to show solidarity with the family and loved ones of victims of Appalling & Barbaric London Westminster attack committed by some insane individual on 22/3/2017.

Leader from Newbury Mosque, Muslim Youth Group (MYG), Representatives from Parish Church (Church of England Church), Glendale Church, West Berkshire Council, Local Councilors, Representative from local MP, Thames Valley Police and Mayor of Newbury met today to agree the next steps for organizing a Walk from Newbury Mosque (leaving at 2 pm) to Newbury Town Hall , where we will observe a 1 minute silence at 2.40 pm and laying of flower in remembrance of the victims. A Prayer with be Lead by Imam Mobasshir Mushtaq and Revd David McLeod from St Mary’s Church Greenham. This will be followed by short (5 minute) speeches by Local Muslim Leaders as well as MP Richard Benyon and Mayor of Newbury Julian Swift-Hook.

All religions and nationalities are welcome to join from West Berkshire and surrounding areas to show that we are all saddened by the tragic deaths and injuries of innocent people.

Our thought and prayers are with family of victims and their loved ones.

All participants of meeting agreed that we strongly condemn the attack in London Westminster and are coming together on the 5th of April 2017 to show unity and solidarity in response to this outrage by insane individual and will not allow terrorists to divide us.

About Newbury Mosque & Muslim Youth Group

Newbury Mosque was opened in 2000 as first mosque in Newbury and surrounding areas to fulfill needs of local Muslim community.

Muslim Youth Group was founded by Imam Mobasshir Mushtaq in 2012 and since has been bringing local Muslim community together on monthly basis as well as get together on local Muslim festivals. MYG also provides services to local Muslim youth to develop their character as per true Muslim values.