Richard Benyon MP holds productive talks with Thames Water Executives

Last Friday, Richard Benyon met with senior Thames Water representatives and the Chief Executive of West Berkshire Council, Nick Carter, to discuss the utility firms’ response to last winter’s severe flooding.

Following a large postbag, feedback from flood forum meetings and constituent surveys, Richard held Thames Water to account over poor communication and a deficiency in following up complaints.

Speaking after the meeting Richard said: “I fully appreciate that the weather we saw last winter was unprecedented, however by their own admission Thames Water did not always communicate and respond satisfactorily to my constituents.”

He continued: “Operations Director, Bob Collington and his team have given me assurances that local liaison procedures have, and are continuing to be improved. In the event of another incident on this scale, or worse, Thames Water are well prepared to engage with all our communities, no matter how rural.”

The meeting also heard from Thames Water about their survey work on sewers in the Lambourn and Pang Valleys.