Richard Benyon MP welcomes fall in unemployment and Government support for exports

Richard Benyon has praised the Government following another fall in unemployment. The number of those out of work nationally now stands at 2.34 million, a fall of 125,000 in the three months to December. Meanwhile average earnings have increased in the year to December, with more women now employed than at any time since records began.

Richard said, “I welcome the national figures, but the local statistics are just as striking. This constituency is now ranked 618th out of 650 (650 being the lowest) in respect of claimants of Job Seekers Allowance. Claimants have fallen by 39.1% over the past year. What is more, 210,000 more people are employed in our region, than before this Conservative-led Government came to power in 2010.”

He continued, “I am additionally delighted to learn that the Chancellor has promised to deliver a Budget next month, which supports a Britain that exports. This is welcome news to all West Berkshire businesses who are looking to grow, many of whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the export seminar I hosted in January.”