Richard Benyon Seeks Info on Mobile Phone ‘Not Spots’

Richard Benyon, MP for Newbury, has been campaigning hard for better mobile coverage across West Berkshire and has now put a request out on Facebook to ask for information about any hidden ‘not spots’.

‘I have been helping constituents in places like Upper Woolhampton with this issue and have recently been made aware of this problem in Yattendon and Ashampstead. I am working closely with Vodafone and to try and improve mobile connection in these areas. If we are to achieve 100% coverage across the constituency, I need to hear from people who are struggling with this in order to be able to help.

‘I have a good working relationship with Vodafone and they are keen to eliminate ‘not spots’. There are solutions out there, both for Vodafone and other mobile providers. We all rely on our phones and to have areas of West Berkshire where you still cannot get a signal is unacceptable in this day and age.’

Richard is asking people to email him on if they want to report a ‘not spot’.