Update from your MP

Recent months have seen more and more good statistics on the economy. Record numbers of new jobs in the private sector, record numbers of new businesses being registered, higher than expected growth figures – the list goes on. I know there are still massive problems to overcome and no one is being complacent.

Labour are having a miserable time. Each dire prediction they make seems to unravel. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqjXalcSpVs&feature=youtu.be

Ed Miliband’s move on energy prices was billed as “bold” by the BBC and other commentators. In truth we know it won’t work. Even he knows it won’t work, and what’s more he knows that we know that he knows it won’t work! A totally sterile debate.

Like everyone, I want people on low incomes to be protected from unaffordable household expenditure. That is why we must protect people across their spending needs. Freezing Council Tax or at least ending inflation busting increases, taking the low paid out of paying tax, reducing tax for those just above this threshold, getting more people into long term jobs, raising pensions. These are what a responsible Government is doing. 

If someone asks you what this Government has done for us there is a long list but I suggest you bat back with

  • Getting Britain working with 1.4 million new jobs
  • Getting the deficit down and growth up
  • Cutting immigration by a third
  • Capping welfare payments
  • Improving standards in schools

Have a good autumn!


PS I am blogging regularly on www.richardbenyon.com . I want to have your thoughts on what I say on local or national issues.