West Berkshire Conservatives 2019 Council Manifesto

Dear Resident,

In May 2015 a Conservative Administration was elected to run West Berkshire Council on your behalf.

During the last 4 years the way in which Local Government is funded has changed and we have
moved towards a fully self-sustaining model of funding which no longer relies on Central Government
funding. In order to deliver all of the many successes of the last 4 years, examples of which are listed
within this Manifesto, we have raised Council Tax. We have done this in line with inflation and are
now in a position where we are in control of our own destiny and able to continue to deliver those
services that truly matter to our residents.

We know that West Berkshire is a great place to live, learn and work and we intend with our
Manifesto commitments to you, to ensure this continues over the next four years. We will deliver this
within our current Medium Term Financial Strategy as agreed by Council on March 5th 2019.

Our priorities are;

• Keeping West Berkshire a great place to live with public services that work for everyone.
• Caring for our Residents, and thereby ensuring all residents have the chance to thrive.
• Being open for business to enable a strong local economy.


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