West Berkshire Council Conservative Group - Concern at deceitful tactics.

West Berkshire Conservatives are expressing concern at deceitful tactics being deployed by Labour activists who are attempting to alarm Pangbourne residents by falsely suggesting that there is a plan to close Pangbourne library.

They have drummed up support for a Petition which some people will have signed not realising that there are no plans to close the library.

Cllr. Hilary Cole, Executive Member at West Berkshire Council with responsibility for libraries said:

“There are no plans to close a library in Pangbourne or anywhere else in West Berkshire.  In fact if you look at the published reports that will be considered by the Executive on 13th February, you will see that we have listened carefully to genuine feedback from Pangbourne residents and we are proposing an increase to the number of hours originally planned.  We are also developing ideas as to how we can make better use of the buildings and their facilities.”

“It is a pity that some individuals have sought to politicise this matter as their motive is nothing to do with preserving libraries.  They are just doing this in an attempt to gain some political visibility.”