Investing in infrastructure

On 10 October 2019, we announced an £88 million investment to boost productivity across the UK.

Women: Closing the opportunity gap

We are renowned around the world for the opportunities upon which we insist and are continuing to work to close the opportunity gap between women and men.


Defence: Keeping our country safe

Our service personnel are working across the world to keep us all safe. Against a backdrop of increasing threats, we must invest and modernise our Armed Forces.


Housing: Building the homes people need

One of the biggest divides in our country is between those who can afford their own home and those who cannot – a long-term problem which all governments have failed to fix.


Transport: Delivering better transport links

Decent, reliable transport connections are vital, not just to boost growth and bring our regions together, but to rejuvenate some of the towns that often feel left behind in this country.


Education: Supporting every child

Recently our schools have not received the attention they deserve, and we should not accept the idea that there can be winners or losers when it comes to our children’s futures.


Health: Strengthening our NHS

The NHS is always there for us – free at the point of use for everyone in the country – and truly showcases the very best of Britain.